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вторник, 1 юли 2014 г.

Week 27 - from the 'Back' II

Lucky 7's in 2014
Tuesday... a group of people from behind

       15 септември - първи учебен ден. Снимката е направена от мъжа ми.
       Момчето в средата на снимката е Влади, а мъжът в дясно е учителят по испански език и техен класен ръководител - т.н. Profe.
September 15th - First day of school. The photo was taken by my husband.
The boy in the middle of the picture is Vlady, and the man on the right is a teacher of Spanish and their class teacher - etc. Profe /
profesor - spanish /.
The new school year Vlady will be in a new school - high school. We have already made ​​our choice - school studying computers and English.

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