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четвъртък, 31 юли 2014 г.

Summertime Refreshments

 52 Photos Project

{Summertime Refreshments}

   Lucky 7's in 2014
 Week 31 : Your Summer Out & About 
Tuesday.... Summer Food 

Много обичам таратор! Предпочитам го пред супите и основното ядене, особено през лятото! 
Спомням си на една студентска бригада в Казанлък обядвах само таратор - в стола на завода ме знаеха : 2 таратора и 2 филии хляб!

I love Tarator! It is N1 in front of soups and main course, especially in summer!
I remember one student brigade in Kazanlak - I just had lunch Tarator - in the canteen of the plant knew my daily orders: 2 Tarator and two slices of bread!
And our dinner table.
/my plate is missing/


 Monday.... Summer shopping
        В понеделник моята сестра ме заведе в един нов китайски магазин. Не знаех темата и не правих снимки.
        Във вторник получих моята карта за отстъпки в магазин "Березка" - купих шоколади и сладолед.

On Monday, my sister took me to a new Chinese store. I did not know the topic and did not take pictures.
On Tuesday I got my card for discounts in store "Birch" - bought chocolates and ice cream.

А в сряда: / In Wednesday ;-)

  Lucky 7's in 2014

Week 30 : Summer Season's Views IV
Saturday ... View of a frequently visited place

     Ремонт на кръстовището и промяна в релсите на трамвая. Светофарите не работят!
/ Можеха да оставят поне жълтата светлина!!!/ Хората прескачат линиите...
     Едно приключение всеки ден.
Repair of crossroads and change the rails on the tram. Traffic lights do not work! 
An adventure every day.

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  1. i hope you're enjoying lots of tarator this summer!

  2. I like the look of your Tarator. The chocolates and ice cream look good.
    It sounds like the repairs on the road and the trams are a nuisance.

  3. I forgot to say that Roland has ordered some Lev from the currency exchange ready for our holiday

  4. The tarator sounds and looks delicious! I also love your beautiful and cozy table setting. Blessings, my friend!

  5. The soup sounds interesting. I would definitely try it though I am not crazy about cold soup. Guess it is one of those things that I just expect to be hot. LOL. Your chocolates look yummy. BTW, your table is beautiful!

  6. Cold soup.. not really two words which make sense to me ;-) xx