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вторник, 21 януари 2020 г.

IKEsWORLD Ch #128 - M is for MALE/AG

The theme is "ANYTHING GOES" again, with optional Twist -

 M is for MALE

I made two cards.

Size: 15sm./21 sm. (5.9"/8.3")

 Image: Edelweiss - from the Switzerland World Tour Set
Edelwas was a Friday freebie in Ike's World / 2011
I always wanted to make a card with this image. I accidentally found a sheet with a printed image in the cabinet. I have no saved file.

Edelweiss grows in unreachable places in highland areas. ( In the Bulgarian language, the word edelweiss is masculine.)
The colors of edelweiss are used in medicine for the preparation of medicines for diseases of the lungs, heart and others.
Picking is prohibited by law and the plant is included in the "Red Book of Bulgaria"- Wikipedia

There is a very nice Bulgarien urban song - Edelweiss
(It was composed around 1910.)
Там далеч, във планината                   There, far away in the mountains
в царството на вечния сняг,                  in the kingdom of eternal snow,
еделвайс цъфти усамотен (2)              edelweiss blossoms solitary (2)
сред дивния вълшебен мир (2)            amidst the wild magic world (2)
Пътник нивга не минава,                      Passenger never passes,
пред теб любим и нежен цвят              in front of you beloved and gentle color
Еделвайс, защо цъфтиш кажи (2)        Edelweiss, why are you blooming tell me (2)
на никого ненужен ти (2)                       you are unnecessary to anyone (2)

Sentiment:  Ginger's House

Double Z card
My idea here is for a Greek vet doctor (from Kalymnos).

Size: 24 sm./21sm.( 9.4"/ 8.3" )

1. - " DOCTOR " - the Freebie for this Challenge,

2. - " CAT in The Box " - the freebie from SUYP Challenge,

3. -  "Bird Books"  

4. - FAT KAT
Sentiment: from my Stash / Please Help !/

Here's how they look together:

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