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Sofia, Bulgaria Just a woman, wife and mother of 18 year old boy. I work full time and sometimes I make cards.

сряда, 8 юни 2016 г.

Tank Football 2016

       - Our son doesn't play football at school. He just stands and watches ... The boys mocked him - "You're a cheerleader".
       - Do not worry, he will play football soon - with tanks !!!

Tank Football 2016

Schedule 17 Jun - 9 Jul

       - Нашият син не играе футбол в училище. Той стои и само гледа. Момчетата му се подиграват -" Ти си мажоретка! ".
       - Не се тревожи - Той ще играе футбол скоро - с танкове!!
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