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петък, 19 септември 2014 г.

Week 38 : from Down Under III

Lucky 7's in 2014
"Views from Ground Level / Down There!
 Днес ще покажа малко снимки от архива.
Today I will show you some pictures from the archive.
A small tour in Greece...
     Тези стълби ме подсещат, че винаги може да правите фитнес на работното място, когато нямате работа - качвайте стълбите без никой да ви види!
   Those stairs remind me that you can always do fitness in the workplace when you have NO assignments - climb stairs without anyone to see you!.. And make it to the end of the working day!
The church of St Haralambos (1793)
Πρέβεζα, Άγιος Χαράλαμπος

      The city of Preveza is situated on the west coast of Greece, on a small peninsula at the narrow entrance of the Amvrakikos Gulf, opposite Aktion. It has almost 20000 inhabitants.

Kioni / Ithaca/
Ithaca Source:
Ithaca Source:
Ithaca Source:
Ithaca Source:
"Achillion" - the longing of Empress Sisi of Ancient Greece

Street in Corfu / Κέρκυρα/

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