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понеделник, 8 септември 2014 г.

Lucky 7's in 2014 - catch up W36-37

Week 36: Boxing clever
I admit that this topic difficult to me - what are these "smart boxes"?
Признавам си, че тази тема ме затрудни - какви са пък тези "умни кутии"?

        These are boxes that my mother gave us two years ago. We use one of them. The other sits still in the package.
       Това са кутии, които моята майка ни подари преди две години. Ние използваме едната от тях. Другата си седи още в опаковката. 

Week 37 : Changing seasons
Monday ... Autumn light 

4 коментара:

  1. I have no boxes here so you are better off than me! Great pictures!

  2. Seeing your photos of the rain made me suddenly realise we haven't seen any for quiet a while, most unusual!!xx

  3. That is a clever way to sort socks.
    Where was your photograph of the berries taken?