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Sofia, Bulgaria; Just a woman in a Man's Man's World... Wife, mother of a 20+year-old boy -a young philosopher. Make cards sometimes and I was a proud DT member of IKEsWORLD CHALLENGES.

понеделник, 29 април 2019 г.

Days 115-119 - 2019

Христос Воiкресе! Christ is risen!
Шега: Две яйца си говорели - Ех, кога ще дойде Великден?!

Easter eggs fight
Image: Gerda Stainer Designs
Challenge: April 2019

Share Your Design Challenge for April 2019!https://gsd-stamps.com/collections/shop-digital-stamps/products/coffee-mouse-digital-stamp

Die Cuts - box - a gift from Petya

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